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Born and raised in the Limestone Coast, my journey as an artist didn't begin until much later in life.  In 2003, after ending seven years in the harness racing industry, I suddenly found I had time on my hands and painting classes came to mind.  With no formal training, I began a watercolour class with a local artist and in time received a good grounding in the basic techniques.  What began as a hobby soon became a passion and after attending some workshops in various mediums, an unbridled sense of creativity was unleashed.

Vibrant colour is an important part of my work, an eclectic array of subjects including landscapes, floral and abstract to name a few.  Recently, I began sculpting in limestone, which although more physically demanding, has been a fresh and rewarding challenge, bringing another dimension to my creative repertoire.

Over time I have attempted to develop a more relaxed style, the outcome of which has been a combination of struggle with old habits to obsess over detail and finding a more liberated direction.  Someone once told me "If you want it to look like the photo then take one".

In 2018, I had the absolute pleasure of meeting Gill Hicks, London bombing survivor and founder of MAD (Making A Difference) when she was in Mt. Gambier for the Rotary Conference held at the Sir Robert Helpman Theatre. Jill is an inspirational speaker and ambassador for peace, despite all she has endured. She received a Limestone pine cone sculpture as a gift for her attendance.

Currently, I am working in Limestone, creating small pieces which are available for sale at the Riddoch Art Gallery, at the main corner complex, corner Bay Road & Commercial street, Mt. Gambier, along with artworks and gift cards. 
A small selection of good quality Giclee prints are available at the Riddoch and there are artworks on view at Hawkins Medical Centre.

10% of the income I receive from the sale of my paintings is donated to the RFDS.

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